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Say "Hello" to Christopher Carey!


Christopher Carey is a children’s author and proud single father who is dedicated to sharing joy and inspiration with the world. Having struggled with adversity in his life – and even overcome homelessness – Christopher is passionate about creating fun, vibrant children’s stories that share valuable moral lessons to empower kids of all backgrounds.

From the wild-haired Peggy Spaghetti, to an entire host of adorable animals and loveable characters - Christopher imbues his books with memorable lessons and colorful adventures that entertain parents and children alike. He hopes to use his writing to share love, life and laughter to his readers, offering parents an invaluable way to bond with their children and impart a lifelong passion for reading.

Originally from Jamaica and currently living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Christopher loves to spend his free time with his two wonderful children. For more information, and to keep updated on Christopher’s stories, visit his website at

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"The Adventures of Peggy Spaghetti" Theme ft. Timothy PettigrewChristopher Carey
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“I recently purchased this book for my two nephews and my daughter. My daughter loves it and was in giggles because of her funny name. Children like to emulate their favorite characters so it was good that the author actually incorporates things that kids actually do in their everyday life. It is a great way to get yours kids to do some of the things in the book. Great book!” 

—  Stephanie M DiGiulio, "Great book!" 

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